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AGM 2017

The new Associations Incorporation Act 2015 requires all non-profit groups to adopt a Constitution (Rules of Association) compliant with the new Act. The Department of Commerce has developed Model Rules which incorporate all requirements and the Friends of Trigg Bushland will move at the Annual General Meeting on 30 July that the group adopt the Model Rules.

The new Rules of Association is a standard document which will update FOTB’s 27 year old Rules, including provision for a conflict resolution process, a more formal process for new members to be ‘accepted’ by Committee, and that annual elections will be for the whole committee, not 50% each year as currently stands - and so all terms will be for 1 year only, instead of the current two year terms.

A copy of the Model Rules and the current FoTB Rules can be viewed here, or you can contact us for an email or paper copy:

We will also seek to update the Objects of FoTB by removing a reference to a committee that no longer exists, but retaining the requirement to maintain formal contact with the City of Stirling.

The two motions to be put to the AGM on 30 July are:

Our AGM will be held jointly with the Friends of Star Swamp as usual, with the FoSS AGM starting at 2.00pm, the FoTB AGM starting at 2.45pm, and Joe Tonga's presentation starting at 3.30pm.

If you have any questions about the proposed motions, please contact us at

NB: Both resolutions were passed unanimously at the Annual General Meeting.





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