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What's blooming....

Once again we were supposed to be weeding... but the bushland was so beautiful it was a bit hard to concentrate on weed removal !

Lagenophora huegelii
Most of the Banksia attenuata is in full flower, but this particular individual is still in bud... covered with beautiful green candles, or so it would appear.

Lagenophora huegelii

Banksia attenuata in bud

Caladenia longicauda

This magnificent Parrotbush bower has grown from seed since the last fire in 2001. This used to be a completely flat and empty patch of the bushland! Now it is a shady tunnel.

Caladenia longicauda

Most of the Parrotbush has finished flowering, but there are still some fresh, new blooms, even in December. Dryandra sessilis (Banksia sessilis).

Lechenaultia linarioides

Massive display of Melaleuca huegelii in full bloom.

Ricinocarpos glaucus

Melaleuca huegelii - buds just beginning to open. It is interesting how different individual plants bloom at slightly different times.

Daviesia triflora

Here is a Balga spike in full bloom...

Gompholobium aristatum

...and another where the fertilised blossome have begun to turn into seeds.

Caladenia flava

Detail of Balga spike. Xanthorrhoea preissii.

These red-tailed black cockatoos watched us weed for a quarter of an hour or so - until they suddenly disappeared when a Peregrine falcon came in to view!

Calothamnus quadrifidus

A couple of weeders with the finished product ready for collection by the City of Stirling.

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